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NPC: An Exception to the Rule

The Company

Since 1990, NPC, LLC has assisted in the customization, supply chain management of safe, high-quality fresh produce to national and regional restaurant chains, schools, health care organizations and contract food feeding organizations.

It took NPC to change the way growers, distributors sell and end users buy – fresh produce. It took NPC to change the system – to decide there was a better, more enlightened way.

More than just a link in the fresh produce supply chain, NPC, LLC serves growers, shippers, distributors and food feeding organizations through the strategic use of sophisticated technology and old fashioned collaboration.

We call our philosophy: From Farm to ForkTM: Integrity, Food Safety and Everything in Between.

NPC, LLC serves sellers by creating knowledgeable buyers. The collaboration of our Produce Cost Management System (PCMS), Online Ordering App (OES) ensures restaurant chains have complete visibility, control over their costs – no surprises, no hidden fees, no exceptions.

The process begins with a commitment to our grower-producers and a shared interest in supporting sustainable farming of safe, high-quality produce and positive grower ROI. We serve our distributor partners by working closely with them to provide the most cost-effective loads and schedules possible. We serve the food provider – commercial restaurant to institutional server – by ensuring that each link in the produce chain delivers on our original promises: trust through transparency.

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Our Vision

Empowering Leading Brands to THRIVE.

Our Mission

To give our clients more control by providing tailored, sustainable, supply chain solutions. We achieve this through proven talent, technology, and a commitment to integrity.

Our Core Values

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