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National Produce Consultants, LLC has proudly been a part of the U.S. and Global food service supply chain industry 30+ years. We represent and stand as ONE, with independent, regional and national restaurant chains, along with contract food feeders, healthcare facilities, schools/universities, casinos, sports arenas, and amusement parks to name a few. NPC, LLC is a proud member of the Produce Marketing Association, PBH, Produce for Better Health, Dallas Fresh Food Association, and Southeast Produce Council, National Watermelon Association, as well as many other valued industry groups and associations.

The Company

Since 1990, NPC, LLC has assisted in the customization, supply chain management of safe, high-quality fresh produce to national and regional restaurant chains, schools, health care organizations and contract food feeding organizations.

It took NPC to change the way growers, distributors sell and end users buy – fresh produce. It took NPC to change the system – to decide there was a better, more enlightened way.

More than just a link in the fresh produce supply chain, NPC, LLC serves growers, shippers, distributors and food feeding organizations through the strategic use of sophisticated technology and old fashioned collaboration.

We call our philosophy: From Farm to ForkTM: Integrity, Food Safety and Everything in Between.

Our Services

Produce Cost Management System
Online Ordering System
Food Safety / Due Diligence
Hands-On Training
Realtime Invoice Audits/ASN
Distribution Network
Market Reports
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Meet the Team

An Experienced Team that Puts Customers First

For over 27 years, the NPC team has developed fresh produce supply solutions for a diverse list of clients. The specialists at NPC have extensive experience in every phase of the produce supply chain, from Farm to ForkTM: experience augmented by an extensive investment in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY software platforms. NPC prides itself on being small enough to provide personal attention to clients, but big enough to bring leverage to benefit the largest multi-unit chains in the U.S and Canada.Words like responsiveness, transparency, honesty and integrity are a key part of the NPC client service vocabulary.

Partners & Distributors

NPC, LLC promotes partnerships with produce distributors all over the nation. It is these truly valuable, long-term connections with our distribution partners that allow NPC clients a consistent supply of high-quality fresh produce under best-in-class service, management. On the supply side, NPC aligns with premier growers, packers and suppliers across the world. Growers and suppliers enjoy the benefits of consistent demand, while restaurant clientele enjoy a programmed pricing environment alongside stable, assured quality supplies year round.

Food Safety Due Diligence

NPC is committed to preserving and protecting food safety at ALL levels, From Farm to ForkTM. We have developed a proprietary system called PASS (Produce Alert Safety System). The system is designed to ensure appropriate and affected parts of the produce supply chain are immediately informed of any safety issue and ensure appropriate action is taken. In addition to PASS we have our own team of internal auditors in the field, QA programs, documentation housing, and a dedicated team that puts food safety first, From Farm to ForkTM.

NPC Audit Team

In addition to required 3rd party audits, NPC has its own audit team in the field completing further due diligence with suppliers and distributors to further ensure food safety.


NPC has an extensive list of Food Safety and Quality Verification requirements for our grower/supplier and distribution partners.

Documentation Housing

We provide access to all food safety documentation from audits, insurance certifications, HACCP, recall procedures and more within one portal accessible at your fingertips 24/7.

Pass System

We have our own “Produce Alert Safety System”, in connection with IRIS/TechRadium for immediate notification of recall or food safety concerns to ensure proper actions are taken, From Farm to ForkTM.