Our current openings

Produce  Management  Analyst

Work with executives to analyze seasonal opportunities related to fresh produce procurement with a focus on supply chain methods; Document findings of study, develop solutions, and prepare recommendations related to produce supply sales for procedures, cost-analysis, communication, production, and organizational changes; Analyze NPC’s current procedures related to the fulfillment of client’s changing produce needs and make recommendations to NPC executives regarding flexible procedures that can better ensure fulfillment of orders in a timelier manner; Interview personnel and conduct on-site observation to ascertain specific functions, work performed, equipment, and methods used by NPC personnel; Analyze procedures and provide consulting advice on custom produce and specialty food procurement services for our hospitality and high-end restaurant customers. Review the negotiation process currently in use by company executives and managers by commodity, based on the timelines ensuring value and quality; Analyze information gathered and develop solutions and/or methods to proceed; Develop recommendations to sales management team based on client needs and availability of produce; Confer with NPC personnel to ensure successful functioning of newly implemented systems and/or procedures; Consult with NPC’s sales executives to expand NPC’s global reach among produce suppliers in Mexico and Latin America; Buying and purchasing fresh produce and ingredients for Farm-to-Table restaurant customers; Consult on the sourcing of quality produce, including identifying and evaluating direct growers; Make recommendations to NPC executives and management for the development of a new corporate strategy and company direction as related to hospitality and high-end restaurant customers.


5 years’ experience in culinary management, fresh produce procurement, and direct food sourcing. Must be fluent (read, write, and speak) Spanish. Mail Resumes to NPC, LLC. 700 Central Expy South, Suite 110, Allen, TX 75013