Our Growing & Shipping Partners

NPC, LLC looks to partner with growers, shippers and packers across the world that are focused on sustainable innovation, being good stewards of the land, while using biodegradable and sustainable packing and shipping materials. Along with best in class food safety standards and controls, including but not limited to SQF, GFSI, GAP and GMP guidelines. Finally mandating diligent protocols concerning ethical charter on responsible labor practices. All of which to better ensure an equitable and sustainable food supply system. Growers and shippers enjoy the benefits of consistent and predictable demand, while our foodservice clients enjoy a stable price supported by a regular supply of fresh quality, sustainable produce. See a sample of NPC growing and shipping partners below.

Our Distributor Network

NPC, LLC promotes partnerships with produce distributors all over the nation. It is these truly valuable, long-term connections with our distribution partners that allow NPC clients a consistent supply of high-quality fresh produce under best-in-class service, management.

Green legend Integrated distributor Red legend Non Integrated distributor
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