Online Entry System

Online Entry System

With 60%-70% of product costs related to goods purchased from suppliers, integrating growers and distributors is an essential part of tracking and managing costs. OES was developed by NPC’s own software development team. NPC’s online ordering system has been successfully integrated with over 160 distributor systems including XML, web service, EDI, custom data transfer and others. NPC systems technology provides insight into the factors that impact company performance. It allows each link in the produce supply chain to significantly reduce cost, enhance profitability and increase customer satisfaction which, in turn, reduces food costs and yields competitive advantage.

Provides Maximum Order Guide/Bid File Control

Ability to Document/Evaluate Distributor Performance

Actual Distributor Invoices and Credits 24/7

Price Verified Invoices, Individual and Consolidated Reporting

Provides Integration with Food Cost and Back Office Applications, Custom Management Analysis Reports

EDI accounts payable interface, thus providing increased accuracy

Confirm Delivery Tool

Service Issues Reporting